Pacific Biosciences

Pacific BiosciencesOur initial focus is on the DNA sequencing market where we have developed and introduced a novel third generation  sequencing platform, the PacBio RS. We believe that the PacBio RS, which uses our proprietary SMRT technology, maintains many of the key attributes of currently available sequencing technologies while solving many of the inherent limitations of previous technologies. Our system provides long readlengths, flexibility in experimental design, fast time to result and significant ease of use. The PacBio RS consists of an instrument platform that uses our  consumables including our proprietary SMRT Cell. The system is designed to be integrated into existing laboratory workflows and information systems, which should facilitate rapid adoption. Currently, our focus is on applications for clinical, basic and agricultural research, with potential uses in molecular diagnostics, drug discovery and development, food safety, forensics, biosecurity and biofuels.

BioSoft Integrators is the PacBio partner to provide High Performance Compute Clusters for SMRT Analysis.