High Performance Computing

BioSoft Integrators Compute Cluster

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Next Generation Sequencing with High Performance Computing

NGS Technology relies on having enough power and storage to large scale genomic processing. Our high-performance systems include on-site/off-site storage capability along with ultra high performance servers capable of growing with your needs.

Next Gen Sequencing Hardware

BSI’s HPC features high-performance servers, as well as modular storage capacity. It is a flexible and scalable system for human-scale genomic data analysis.

The new solution conserves your IT resources by providing centralised high-performance computational and storage infrastructure, compared with the support required for individual, decentralised analysis servers.

Because BSI’s HPC can be quickly and easily added to or reconfigured with very little support from BSI, researchers can keep pace with changes to their computing needs with virtually no system down-time.

The system is tuned specifically for a multiple high-throughput sequence-analysis workflows.  Wether you’re using Illumina, Life or Roche sequencing technology this system is right for you. Server and disk-management overhead is kept to an absolute minimum, reducing the need for dedicated IT and bioinformatics staff. The result is a greatly empowered lab.

BSI’s HPC provides the processing resources for computational-heavy analysis that requires clustered processing and shared data repositories, such as genome assembly, deep sequencing and metagenomics research.


High Performance Computing Information Sheet