288 Core Cluster

The BioSoft 288 Core Cluster is the ultimate turn key solution for sequencing analysis.  With support for Illumina and PacBio Sequencing this system is perfect for the sequencing lab with multiple sequencers who is interested in time to answer and large genome analysis.Power_Wulf2



288 Core
Cores 288
RAM 2304TB
Raw Storage 144TB
10GB Ethernet Yes
Head Node Cores 16
Head Node RAM 128GB
Head Node Storage 2TB***
compute Nodes 17
Compute Cores 16
Compute RAM 128GB
Compute Storage 250GB
High Speed Switch 24 Port 10Gb E
Communication Switch 24 Port GigE
UPS Optional
PDU 8 output PDU
Spare Parts Maint Kit
Rack Enclosure 42U

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