192 Core Cluster

Our 192 Cluster is the perfect system for mid level throughput of whole genome sequencing on both PacBio and Illumina sequencing products, and is fully up-gradable to a 288 Core system without having to change the Head Node!.  Our 192 Core system configuration:

192 Core
Cores 192
RAM 1536TB
Raw Storage 48TB
10GB Ethernet Yes
Head Node Cores 16
Head Node RAM 128GB
Head Node Storage 2TB***
compute Nodes 11
Compute Cores 16
Compute RAM 128GB
Compute Storage 250GB
High Speed Switch 24 Port 10Gb E
Communication Switch 24 Port GigE
UPS Optional
PDU 8 output PDU
Spare Parts Maint Kit
Rack Enclosure 42U

Not a system adminitrator?  Use BioSoft Integrators I.T. management service.


Our system out performs the competition in both cost and speed.  Call us for a quote.